Ansaldo: ANSALDO NUCLEARE S.p.A., Italy

Ansaldo Nucleare S.p.A. is a company of Ansaldo Energia S.p.A. (a global player in the power generation with over 100 years of experience and an installed capacity of more than 170,000 MWe in 75 countries). Ansaldo Nucleare has collected skilled resources from the previous larger companies Ansaldo Meccanico Nucleare and NIRA S.p.A., merged in 1980 in Ansaldo S.p.A. Since December 1999 was a Division of Ansaldo Energia S.p.A. and became an independent company from November 1st, 2005. Ansaldo Nucleare S.p.A. operates autonomously for the fulfilment of its mission in the nuclear field:

  • Construction, service and decommissioning of nuclear plants.
  • Development of new nuclear technologies and products

The experience of Ansaldo Nucleare is in the field of system and component design and testing, structural, thermal hydraulic and safety analyses of current LWR generation, Superphenix and new reactors such as the Westinghouse AP1000 and IRIS, the GE Simplified BWR and PRISM.

In recent years, Ansaldo Nucleare has developed the preliminary design of ISIS (Innovative Safe Immersed System), an innovative small-size modular reactor, and of a demonstration prototype of the Accelerator Driven System (ADS).

In FP5 Ansaldo has been the coordinator of studies related to the Primary System and to the Core of the 80 MW, LBE-cooled XADS. In FP6 Ansaldo is the coordinator of the European Lead Cooled System (ELSY) strep and it is the responsible of the work package related to the development and assessment of EFIT and XT-ADS design of IP EUROTRANS and of the work package related to the design of the FASTEF facility of CDT. Ansaldo is a member of the PATEROS and SNF-TP and it is also participating to IP-RAPHAEL

The number of employees of Ansaldo Nucleare is about 175. Ansaldo Nucleare has qualified its organisation through ISO 9001 and ASME certification.

Key persons in the project:

Giuliano Locatelli, Manager of Power Projects, graduated in Nuclear Engineering, has over thirty years of experience within Ansaldo Nucleare. In the last eighteen years, as Project Manager, and among other duties, he has coordinated all the Ansaldo activities related to next generation reactors. He has represented the Italian industry within the European ADS Technical Working Group chaired by Prof. Carlo Rubbia; presently he is the vice-chairman of the IP-EUROTRANS Governing Council and is member of the Executive Committee of the SNE-TP.

Alessandro Alemberti, Manager of the Reactors and Safety group, graduated in Physics, joined the company in 1981. He is the coordinator of the 6th FP ELSY project and LEADER project manager. He has been involved since the beginning of his activities in Safety analysis and thermal hydraulic simulations for LWRs. Since the last ten years he gained a wide experience in the design and simulation of lead cooled systems. He covers also the position of Nuclear Science Development Manager of Ansaldo Nucleare promoting collaborations and activities with Universities and Research centers.

Luigi Mansani, graduated in Nuclear Engineering in 1973 at the University of Pisa; he joined Ansaldo in 1974. He has gained experience in core design and safety analysis of heavy water reactors (CANDU, CIRENE) and of light water reactors (PWR PUN, AP600, BWR Caorso, SBWR). He has been involved also in Research & Development activities in the area of thermal-hydraulics of passive systems. In the 5th FP he was involved in the PDS-XADS Project, addressing the design of the eXperimental Accelerator-Driven System (XADS), as the coordinator of the Core Design work package for the 80 MW LBE-Cooled XADS. He is currently involved in the ADS design activities in the IP-EUROTRANS project (as coordinator of the Development and Assessment of XT-ADS and EFIT Design work package) in the STREP ELSY project and in the RAPHAEL project of the 6th FP as well as in the ESFR and CDT projects of the 7th FP. He, as Project Engineer, coordinate all the Ansaldo technical activities on Generation IV reactors and ADS.