FZD: Forschungszentrum Rossendorf, Germany


FZD is a non-profit scientific organisation funded by German Federal Government and the Free State of Saxony. From 2011 on, FZD will be a member institute of the ”Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft Deutscher Forschungszentren”. The Institute of Safety Research is one of the six institutes of the FZD. It performs research on the assessment and improvement of the safety of nuclear reactors. That includes

  • the development of coupled thermal hydraulic and neutron kinetic codes and their application to nuclear reactor accident analyses,
  • the development of CFD models for multi-phase flows and their validation against large scale thermal hydraulics experiments at the TOPFLOW facility,
  • the development of fast and tomographic measuring techniques for multi-phase flows and liquid metals, and
  • studies on irradiation induced ageing of reactor construction materials.

FZD operates a liquid lead loop at its pulsed photo-neutron source nELBE for the measurement of neutron cross sections.

The Institute of Safety Research can refer to long term experience in the development of 3D neutron kinetics and reactor dynamics codes. The 3D reactor dynamics code DYN3D is a well validated code for transient and accident analysis in LWR developed at Forschungszentrum Dresden- Rossendorf (FZD). The code is part of the European code platform NURESIM and is used in research as well as by industry, TSOs, and regulatory authorities. It can refer to a large variety of validation calculations against zero power reactor experiments and power reactor transients. Moreover, there is a DYN3D version for Molten Salt Reactors.

Recently, FZD developed the capacity of DYN3D that are required for fast reactor use – multi-group solver and SP3 transport solver.

Key persons in the project:

Frank-Peter Weiss, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. in reactor physics, physicist, Professor for Safety of Technical Plants at Dresden Technical University, Director of the Institute of Safety Research at FZD, experience in reactor physics, thermal hydraulics, and nuclear materials research.

Ulrich Rohde, Dr. rer. nat., physicist, head of accident analysis department. Long-term experience in reactor dynamics, thermal hydraulics and fluid dynamics. Participation in various European projects on reactor physics and safety analysis codes development and validation.

Bruno Merk, Dr. Ing., engineer, reactor physics group leader. Long-term experience in neutron physics (static and kinetic), burnup and cycle studies, safety of fast systems, ADS, Analysis of experiments in EUROTRANS/ECATS

Emil Fridman, nuclear engineer Ph.D., post doc in the reactor physics group. Experience in neutron physics (static and kinetic), XS generation, burnup and cycle studies, safety of fast systems, experienced MCNP user, developer of Monte-Carlo based burnup code.

V. Glivici-Cotruţă., Ph.D. student, development of analytical solutions for the analysis of ADS experiments under the leadership of B. Merk.

N.N., Ph.D. student, starting work on thesis on reactor physics and transient analysis at FZD under the leadership of B. Merk and U. Rohde after start of the project.