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WP5: Training and Education (KTH)

This working package has a strong link to all others FREYA packages, since it uses the experience gained during the different WP's for the training and education. The scope of activity of WP5 includes:

  • development of lab sessions contents,
  • organisation of one week pilot lab session.
  • organisation of a dissemination seminar.

This work package WP5 of the FREYA project is divided in three separate tasks. The first is devoted to the preparation of the contents of the training session. This lab session covers the issues of the experimental methods used for the measurements of the main neutronic parameters for subcritical and critical cores on the base of the experience gained in WP1-4 at VENUS-F facility in combination with the use of the BR-1 reactor. The second task is dedicated to the implementation of a one week lab session at the SCK•CEN site. The third task is dedicated to the organisation of a Dissemination seminar for a wider international audience on the results of the Project at the end of the project. At this seminar the final results of the Project will presented and other than EU partners will be invited.