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WP6: Coordination of the FREYA project (SCK•CEN)

This work package will cover the overall management of the project and guarantee the coherence between the different work packages and provide the link with other projects and research activities external to this collaborative project. In particular, the project office foreseen by this WP is responsible for:

  • Preparation of multi-purpose use of CP instruments, such as workshops, topical meetings, etc.
  • Provisions for support of the Governing Council, the Project Coordination Committee, and respective meetings.
  • Controlling activities on administrative issues, schedule meetings, supporting the technical progress.
  • Effective conduct of the work programme.
  • Knowledge management activities, registration and central deposit of all documents prepared under the CP FREYA.
  • Preparation and submission of the contractually required periodic activity and financial reports; supplementary reports as far as necessary.

This work package also will be responsible for the organisation of the measures of the Project success (performance indicator). 

The evaluation of the success of the tasks will be done by the Consortium and will be inserted in the progress reports. Finally, the overall evaluation of the Project will be deduced from the success of the single evaluations of the work package tasks. One of the following distinctions will be assigned:

  Not yet applicable
  Not fulfilled at all (warning to PCC and GC)
  Partially fulfilled (warning to PCC)
  100% fulfilled